USA Govt EOI Expression of Interest from United States 2021

USARFP is the most famous online tender search website, providing information on all government EOI from The United States. It is the stage in which the purchaser is making the prospective bidders aware of their procurement requirement through EOI notice.

This is not the tendering stage where the supplier is required to submit the complete offer along with the financial proposal. The other way of explaining EOI is that the purchaser is interested in making a shortlist of suppliers whom they will issue the tender document and will ask them to submit the offer. This stage of procurement can be equated with the pre-qualification stage.

In some cases, the purchasers have a standard Expression of Interest form, to which the interested bidders need to respond. When there is no standard format then the suppliers can submit the written Expression of Interest along with the EOI letter, mentioning their willingness to take part in the procurement process.

The expression of Interest letter should mention, apart from their willingness, the past orders executed, testimonials, list of plants and machineries, list of capable staff (very necessary in case of consulting assignment), and the financial statements of the company. The cover letter Expression of Interest can also contain some vital statistics which can instill confidence in the purchaser.

Lead Service Line Replacements

UST Ref No.:  98113664

Deadline:  13 Mar 2024

Residential Weatherization 8744 REBID

UST Ref No.:  98113662

Deadline:  14 Mar 2024

Winters Mill Parkway Roadway Improvements

UST Ref No.:  98113456

Deadline:  11 Mar 2024

Procurement Exemption for Economic Data Package

UST Ref No.:  98113353

Deadline:  14 Mar 2024

Lawn Care and Maintenance for City Facilities and Properties

UST Ref No.:  98113032

Deadline:  11 Mar 2024

Expansion of Emergency Shelter NOFA

UST Ref No.:  98112905

Deadline:  15 Mar 2024

Sentinel Peak - Asbestos Abatement & Building Demolition

UST Ref No.:  98112488

Deadline:  11 Mar 2024

Professional Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services

UST Ref No.:  98111884

Deadline:  14 Mar 2024